FEMA's double-wide trouble

Wednesday, March 17, 2010; A20

I couldn't help but feel frustrated and angered while reading the article on the Federal Emergency Management Agency selling tainted trailers ["With sale of Katrina trailers, FEMA faces another storm," front page, March 13]. Reporter Spencer Hsu should have elaborated on how this situation came about. Does FEMA have no recourse to recover at least part of the $2.7 billion from the manufacturers of the defective trailers? Can the Federal Trade Commission protect the consumer, in this case the federal government, which ultimately is the taxpayers? Did we just sweep this under the rug along with other infamous and wasteful federal contracts?

As long as the government turns a blind eye to rampant mismanagement of funds, the open season on the feds will continue. I've got a bridge to sell you, Uncle Sam.

C. Ann Sze, Potomac

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