A student who's thriving at T.C. Williams

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Regarding the March 12 Metro article "T.C. Williams deemed among 'lowest achieving' ":

Test scores do not tell the whole story. Our daughter is a sophomore at T.C. Williams, and she loves it. She attended private school through the eighth grade and then chose to go to T.C. because she wanted to be in a more real-world setting, not surrounded only by kids of privilege. Across the board, her teachers this year are the best she's had at any school. Her classmates include students from all over the world and every neighborhood in Alexandria. We think she will graduate from T.C. well prepared for college and for life.

T.C. Williams provides numerous services and programs to support students at the lower end of academic achievement as well as a variety of career and technical education courses. Many of these students live in poverty or in homes where English is not spoken, and it is true that T.C. must do more to meet the challenge of reaching all of its students, but we still feel lucky that our daughter goes to this school.

Laura Plaze, Alexandria

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