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Free for All roundup of short critiques of The Post

Humor at someone's expense

There is nothing humorous about hate based on ethnicity, race or sexual orientation, yet apparently children's book author Bob Staake thought so when he chose the winners of a contest for proposed "will never be published" titles for illustrated children's book covers in the March 13 Style Invitational.

I strenuously object to the sense that it is comical for a child to assault a day laborer with a giant baseball bat or that there could be anything amusing about the idea of the Ku Klux Klan unleashed as a powerful, deadly force in this country. And the eye-catching, red children's book cover on "gay marriage" -- nothing subtle about that. The word "Hate" was right next to "Gay" in big, friendly, yellow letters.

Clever word play, tongue-in-cheek? These did not strike me that way.

Liz Seaton, Takoma Park

The writer is director of projects and managing attorney for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, based in San Francisco.

Gay rights overkill

I thought that finally we were done with the gonzo coverage of gay "marriage" in Washington after at least three front-page pictures [March 4 and 10] and six major articles. Then another article showed up March 13 ["Gays' new opportunity stirs up old conflicts," Metro].

Enough, please. This would constitute overkill no matter what the issue, but with such a divisive, loaded one, your coverage amounts to force-fed propaganda. We get it already; move on.

Katalin H. Korossy, Kensington

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