Nuptials: Carrie Gelnar and Gustav 'Gus' Eyler

Sunday, March 28, 2010; E10

Carrie Gelnar, 24, is a choral director at a Bethesda middle school. Gustav "Gus" Eyler, 27, is a legal counsel to Sen. John Cornyn. They live in Chevy Chase.

Wedding date: March 20.

Location: Princeton University Chapel and Nassau Inn in Princeton, N.J.

Guests: 137.

How they met: In 2004, Gus was attending Princeton when he ran into a friend who was a student at Westminster Choir College in Princeton. She invited him to a party, where he was introduced to Carrie, also a Westminster student. The two chatted about their shared interest in music. Gus was so taken with Carrie that he asked her to accompany him to a formal the next evening.

The proposal: In 2008, Carrie was in her last year of grad school at Westminster; Gus was a law clerk in Delaware. For the four-year anniversary of the night they met, Gus planned a weekend in Philadelphia to enjoy the orchestra and museums. Carrie had an inkling that he would propose there. Gus actually planned to pop the question before that weekend during a romantic stroll around Princeton's campus. A rainstorm ruined his plans, though, and he ended up proposing in her apartment before they went out to dinner.

The wedding: The ceremony was in one of their favorite spots on Princeton's campus and incorporated their love of music. Carrie's friends from Westminster performed, and there was a lively band at the reception to get everyone on the dance floor.

Honeymoon: Paradise Island, Bahamas.

-- Kathleen Hom

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