All my columns about Metro are making driver feel unloved

By Robert Thomson
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 28, 2010

You will quickly see why this letter doesn't begin with the usual "Dear Dr. Gridlock" salutation.

Mr. Thomson:

It's time for you to officially change your name to "Dr. Metro." By my count, your 2010 columns are running at about 90 percent Metro train-related subject matter vs. road-related subjects. By Metro's numbers, it carries, on average, 670,000 people by rail daily and 450,000 by bus.

When one considers an estimated 1.2 million auto commuters in the area daily, not to mention the car and truck traffic passing through, it's clear to me that the balance in your columns should show far more concern for road-related subjects.

Such a shift is supported by the fact that the vast majority of changes for local commuters are occurring on the area's roads. Metrorail is a fairly stable transit provider; the roads around here are anything but.

In fact, our area routinely ranks second behind only Los Angeles as having the nation's worst road traffic.

My point is simply this: You can provide your readers better service by increasing your focus on road commuting in the D.C. area. After all, "Dr. Gridlock" earned his name because of the problems on our roads.

-- Mark Arnold, Herndon

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