Bricks thrown through GOP office windows in Charlottesville

By Martin Weil
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, March 29, 2010

Bricks were thrown through windows of a Republican Party office in the Charlottesville area late last week in an act that seemed similar to incidents of political vandalism reported elsewhere.

The damage in Charlottesville was discovered Friday morning at the headquarters of the Albemarle County Republican Committee, committee vice chairman Eric Seitz said Sunday.

Seitz said two bricks came through windows at the party's offices on Albemarle Square on Thursday night or early Friday. A third damaged a window of an office used by Virginia Del. Robert B. Bell (R-Charlottesville) in the same building, Seitz said.

Seitz said the building's windows are made of "very thick" double-pane glass and probably required considerable force to smash.

Upon seeing the bricks inside, he said: "Wow. . . . Somebody was very angry."

County police confirmed that windows were broken. They said Sunday night that no arrests had been made.

Bricks had been used as paperweights for literature handed out at the polls, Seitz said. Subsequently, he said, they were stored outside the offices.

They were "our bricks," he said.

Instances of vandalism have been reported at Democratic Party and congressional offices since just before the vote last week on federal health-care legislation.

In Richmond, police said an investigation indicated that a bullet that hit an office used by Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) March 23 was fired into the air at random. Officers said it broke the window on its way down.

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