Monday, March 29, 2010; 1:00 PM

Adding information to your school, player and game pages on is really simple!

You can find

(a) your school page in the school directory or through our search (the one on the right at the top of the page);

(b) your player page through our search (the one on the right at the top of the page) or the roster on your school page;

(c) a game page from the schedule on your school page.

When you go to any of these pages, you will notice that there is a "Leave a comment" button under the "From the Stands" label. When you click on that button a "Login" button will appear. You must log in to post content of any sort (text, photos or video). Unless you hit the "Log Out" button, you only have to log in once.

You can log in through your Facebook, Google, Twitter or Yahoo accounts. Click on any one of them to proceed.

Once you are logged in, you can write as much or as little as you'd like, upload your photos, and upload video from YouTube.


After logging in, you can start typing in the box below the "Share" button. If you change your mind, press the "Cancel" button. If you are ready to submit the change, click the "Post" button.

You can italicize text, make it bold, or underline it by highlighting the text and choosing the I or B or U button, respectively. You can hyperlink text content to other websites using the hyperlink icon (which looks like a link in a chain).

Any logged in user can edit a team page. But please remember that you are responsible for any content you post, including edits you make to the content of others, and that you need to comply with our User Content Guidelines and Terms of Use at all times. And, you can always contact us at if you have concerns about any content on the site. If you see inappropriate content has been posted click the "Flag" text under the post and we will be notified immediately.

You can also delete your own content after you've posted by clicking the "Delete" type under your post.


You can easily add pictures to your pages. When you are logged in and at your school, player or game page, you will see an "Add images" button under the edit box. This opens a box below. Hit the "Browse" button to find the image you would like to upload. Most standard picture types (.gif, .jpg, .png) are supported. Type something to identify your photo in the text box, then click the "Post" button.

Adding video is just as easy. Once you are logged in and have uploaded a video on, click on the YouTube icon at the top of the text box, paste the URL of the YouTube video into the box, hit the "Insert" button, then the "Post" button.

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