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Darryl: I did feel like there could be [chemistry]. It was a very intimate conversation. But I couldn't tell how she felt about me.

Tammie: We had dessert. At that point, we both were yawning, but his was pronounced. I was making jokes, like, "Am I boring you?"

Darryl: My day had started at 5 a.m., and it was about 10. I told her, "It's not you."

Tammie: I could have sat and talked more, but it seemed like they were closing. We walked out together, and he opened the doors for me. I thought, He's a gentleman. [It] was icy. He put out his arm for me.

Darryl: She took my arm, and I was, like, Okay, I like that. When we got to the car, we had a couple of hugs.

Tammie: I'm kind of old-fashioned. I was hoping he'd ask me for my number. I thought, If he's interested, he'll ask. I didn't think he was going to say anything, but then he was, like, "Well, do you want to exchange information?" And I was, like, "Yeah, sure!"

Darryl: I did feel awkward. I just couldn't tell if she was that into me. So there was a lot of anxiety as to whether she was going to give me her number. But then I was, like, I'll take a chance.

Tammie: I felt like I was giving signs. I complimented him; I said, "You have really nice dimples and a really nice smile." Maybe I was coming across as being reserved, but I didn't know it. When I got home, I saw he texted me to make sure I got home safely. So I called him, and we reassured each other that we had a good evening, and he asked me if I wanted to hang out again. We were like two school kids. I was, like, "Do you?" And he was, like, "Do you?" It was silly.

Darryl: I'd [rate the date] a 4.3 [out of 5]. It wasn't perfect, because I wasn't sure that she was totally interested in me, but I did feel like there was a possibility. And I'm interested in her.

Tammie: I would [rate the date] a 4.5. I really am interested, but I'd give it half a point to grow on.

-- Interviews by Christina Breda Antoniades

Update: Hey, if they went to dinner, how come the photos here show broad daylight? Well, because they're actually from Tammie and Darryl's second date -- brunch at Georgia Brown's and a scenic jaunt around the city. Here's hoping for an equally photogenic third date.


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