NASA chef Vickie Kloeris shoots for the moon

Vicki Kloeris ((Courtesy of NASA's Johnson Space Center))
Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vickie Kloeris, NASA's "Top Chef":

Manager, International Space Station Food System and Space Food Systems Laboratory, Johnson Space Center

Best known for: Considered the "Julia Child" of NASA's food space program for her work developing more than 60 appetizing and nutritious food items for astronauts traversing the universe, including shrimp cocktail, vegetable quiche and cornbread stuffing.

Government service: Inspired by an encounter with several NASA food scientists, Kloeris decided that she had found her calling in 1985 when she went to work for NASA's food space program.

Biggest challenge: Developing healthy food products that are tasty, that can easily be prepared in a zero-gravity environment, that have a long shelf life, that create no odors and that meet the varying predilections and dietary guidelines of the astronauts.

Quote: "It is a dream job for a food scientist to contribute to the space program. I have enjoyed every minute of being at NASA."

-- From the Partnership for Public Service

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