'Real World D.C.' ends with a ratings whimper

By Lisa de Moraes
Friday, April 2, 2010

Bringing "The Real World" to Washington has proved historic for MTV.

Historically bad.

Ratings-wise anyway.

Wednesday's "The Real World: D.C." finale attracted about 1.1 million viewers -- the smallest finale audience in the show's 23-edition history.

But wait -- it gets worse.

The three least-watched episodes ever in "Real World" history came out of its Washington edition.

Five of the six least-watched "Real World" episodes ever: also Washington.

What went wrong? Was it us? Are the capital of the free world and "The Real World" mutually exclusive?

Back in February, when MTV was in the middle of airing the D.C. edition of its hot-20-somethings hookup show, executive producer Jon Murray said in an interview that the latest iteration of the aged franchise would break the mold because it would be all about "young people . . . in D.C. trying to make change."

"That doesn't mean they're not still dating, they're not jumping into a hot tub," he told RealScreen magazine.

This edition was going to give us a very "different side of being 22," he said.

"It gives you that idealistic side."

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