Date Lab: He's not feeling so hot. Will it cool their date?

Sunday, April 11, 2010; W08


Evan: I started feeling bad the day of the date. It was a stomach thing. I tried to have a beer beforehand. That didn't help at all. I was feeling terrible, but I didn't want to postpone. I drove down and got there about five minutes early and was seated.

Lauren: I picked out my outfit ahead of time and did my hair and makeup and just drove there. I was excited to meet someone new. When I walked in, I said that I had a reservation for The Washington Post, and they walked me to the table. Evan stood up and hugged me. He seemed like he'd be a nice guy to talk to -- he had a nice smile.

Evan: She's definitely a pretty girl, and she seemed like she was in good shape. She was well dressed. She's probably someone I'd talk to if I were out on the weekend.

Lauren: I don't think he's someone I'd normally go up to, but once I was introduced, he's someone that I'd see as my type. He was dressed in a button-down shirt and jeans, and he was clean-cut, so he definitely fit [my] profile. We sat down, and I asked him, "Have you ever been on a blind date before?" So we talked about that a little.

Evan: We talked a lot about college. We talked about traveling quite a bit. We talked about her job. We talked about our families and our childhoods. It was all over the place. There were definitely some moments that, not surprisingly, were a little bit slow. But I thought it went decently well, considering everything.

Lauren: We had a lot of good connections. We both went to small schools, and he was born in Australia and I studied abroad there. That was a big connection for me. He said he wanted to go back someday. And he used to play soccer and I used to play soccer, so we talked about sports.

Evan: We both were fans of sushi. We ordered a couple of appetizers. I was not hungry, [but] I knew I should eat. [And] I had two beers. I think talking to her took my mind off the stomach thing, so I felt a little better.

Lauren: When our meal came, [the server] brought us this huge platter of sushi, which we couldn't finish. But we ate and continued talking.

Evan: I think the conversation went all right. It certainly didn't help that I was feeling bad. I was probably not exactly myself. There were definitely times where I was, like, I think I'm going to pass out. [But] I was trying my best, [and] I was having a good time.

Lauren: He told me [he was sick], and I was, like, "Are you going to be okay?" I could tell that he was trying to make the date fun for me. I don't know what his normal personality is, so it was hard to tell if he was acting differently. He did make a comment that he'd been looking forward to [the date], so that kind of put me more at ease.

Evan: I think by the end, we started getting a little more comfortable. I think there was a little flirting. We actually made a bet. She was claiming that our full names [wouldn't be] published, and I was, like, "Yeah, they definitely are." So we bet a beer. [Editor's note: Pay up, Lauren.]

Lauren: I think there was chemistry and a good connection. And maybe a little bit of flirting. There was some laughing. I definitely would have to get to know him more to see more of his sense of humor or personality come out.

Evan: We ordered a dessert, but I don't think either one of us ate much of that. [For the photos], she wanted to do something a little bit posed, so I just picked her up. All the waiters were watching us, so that was kind of awkward. Then the guy couldn't work the camera. Fortunately, she's pretty petite, so I'm holding her for, like, 30 seconds, then finally he took it.

Lauren: It was close to 10 at that point, and the restaurant was a lot emptier, so we just decided to leave. He offered to drive me to my car. He was definitely a gentleman. Then he was, like, "Let me get your number so we can hang out again." So I gave him my number. We have that bet, so I guess I owe him a drink. If he did contact me, I'd definitely go out with him again.

Evan: I hugged her and drove off. After I got home, I texted her so she'd have my number.

Lauren: I would give [the date] a 4.5 [out of 5]. I'm interested to get to know him more and see if there's more chemistry.

Evan: I'd rank it a 4. She seemed like a cool girl. I think we'll definitely hang out in the next week or so.

Interviews By Christina Breda Antoniades

Update: In his under-the-weather fog, Evan entered Lauren's phone number incorrectly, so she never got his text. No worries: He followed up by friending her on Facebook, and the two planned to get together that weekend.

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