Help File: Google Calendar's time-zone weakness; a wayward Weather Channel program

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Q: Google Calendar doesn't let me add a time zone to an event. How am I supposed to schedule travel? Does Google plan to fix this?

A: This is an irritating omission in an otherwise excellent service. Although Google's free scheduling site ( lets you set a time zone for all the events in a calendar, you can't apply a different one to individual appointments. So if you want to see an accurate schedule on the road (say, if you synchronize a phone with Google Calendar), you need to add or subtract the right number of hours when entering an out-of-town appointment. In other calendar applications, you'd just select a city or time zone off a menu.

Google spokeswoman Victoria Katsarou wrote in an e-mail that the company realizes its work here isn't done and noted some interim steps it's taken. For example, you can display an additional time zone on your calendar and turn on an optional world-clock widget to show other times around the globe.

Poor communication from Google doesn't help the situation. Calendar is one of the company's few products to lack a regularly updated blog that people could read for news about the application.

When I try to uninstall the Weather Channel's desktop program, I keep getting an error about it being unable to open an "install.log" file. What do I do about that?

An item on that network's tech-support site ( explains that you should find and copy an "unwise.exe" file from one folder to another, after which the uninstall should work normally.

Leaving a bug like this unfixed is (ahem) unwise.

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