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Creative plant markers dress up potted plants

By Kelly Wilkinson
Special to The Washington Post
Thursday, April 8, 2010

Every spring, I get antsy for new blooms and green shoots indoors as well as out, so I set up little pots in our sunny kitchen. While tidy flowers and herbs send messages in their own right -- those of tending and home and growth -- they can say even more when you add a short, cheery message on a clay plant marker that sticks in the soil.

These are especially meaningful if you're giving plants as gifts. You can personalize the markers for birthdays, graduations, get-well presents, you name it.

I used an alphabet stamp from an office supply store for my lettering, but any kind of stamp letters will work, provided they're not too big. Stamping the words before you bake the clay adds a nice engraved look. If you don't have alphabet stamps, you can etch words into the unbaked clay with a toothpick, or bake the markers and decorate them with colored pencils or paint after they cool.

The added flourish in the pot gives you reason to linger on nature's beauty just a little longer.

Wilkinson is a craft designer and journalist. Find more of her projects at

You'll need

- Oven-bake or air-hardening clay, available at craft stores (I used white Sculpey)

- Rolling pin or glass

- Knife

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