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what you said

Friday, April 9, 2010

Duli C. Agarwal

Energy Department employee, North Potomac

1) He or she should be focused on the mission.

2) He or she should have a teamwork attitude.

3) He or she should defend staff members and take full responsibility for work done under him or her.

Linda Bronsdon

Housing and Urban Development, Hughesville

1) Diplomacy: You need to get things done with others (not all of whom play nice in the sandbox) and you need to get the best output from your staff.

2) Compassion: Remember who it is we're striving to serve. At the federal level, there can be a tremendous disconnect at times.

3) Sense of humor: No one likes to work for or with someone who isn't fun.

Linda Copening

Labor Department and former union official, Richmond

I have been long aware of some deficiencies in the managerial ranks. The promotional system in the federal sector results in the promotion of individuals to management who have good technical skills. However, good technicians don't necessarily make good managers.

First and foremost, good managers in the federal sector should have the ability to motivate people. They have to get the job done (not do the job themselves).

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