Date Lab: Can you talk about E. coli over dinner? Apparently, yes.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Terri: I was bored one night during the blizzard and submitted my [Date Lab] application. I thought, Why not? I really didn't know what to expect. I took a cab to the restaurant. I was a few minutes early and the first one there.

Mike: I was feeling good. I had never been on a true blind date before. I guess there were some nerves, but I was more excited. I got to the restaurant right around 7:30. The manager was like, "Your date is already here. She is sitting at the table in the corner." So I walked over and introduced myself. She had a big smile, with not too much makeup on. She is definitely a cute girl.

Terri: I thought he was super good-looking and totally my type. He has really pretty, dark eyes and is tall, with kind of a bigger build. I was definitely attracted to him.

Mike: We started talking about the standard get-to-know-you stuff: what each of us are doing, what neighborhoods we live in, where we're from.

Terri: One of the first things we talked about, actually, was [the MTV show] "Jersey Shore" because he told me he was from Jersey. So I had to ask: "Are you a fan?'" He was super pumped about it. I have met people from Jersey that take themselves way too seriously and say, "I am so offended by this garbage." I think I did a fist pump when he said he liked the show. I told him I was going to call him Mike "The Situation." I know, not very original.

Mike: Whenever I tell people I am from Jersey they are like, "Have you been to the shore? Have you been down to Seaside [Heights]?" We had a good laugh.

Terri: We also bonded over "The Office." He told me he went as Dwight for Halloween. He doesn't look nerdy at all. Picturing him going all-out to look like Dwight was really funny.

Mike: We're both indecisive people. We were looking at this wine list. There are, like, eight Chiantis to choose. We basically left it up to the waiter. It was only when the waiter came back to remind us that we hadn't ordered anything that we finally decided on food. We split a pizza.

Terri: There was a list of, like, 85,000 toppings. With both us being so indecisive, he was just like, "Say something, and I will tell you if I like it or not." We had prosciutto, peppers and basil. We just kept talking and talking. It was like we had known each other forever. He's in a PhD program for neuroscience. I am taking my nursing prerequisites right now and applying to schools in the fall. It's fun to talk about, say, E. coli and other lab stuff you are working on and have the other person be into it. He is like the guy version of me.

Mike: We were flirting, but it wasn't anything overt. There was definitely a shared sense of humor, and, for me, I think that counts as flirtatious. One of the great things we talked about was embarrassing childhood moments. We talked about things we wished were never recorded on film or video. I told her that when I was this chubby, awkward kid in elementary school I gave a fake TV interview with my science teacher about sharks. I guess I was really into sharks. She talked about how a couple years ago she went home and her mother rediscovered these old glamour shots from her time on the dance team in middle school. I was definitely glad that she felt comfortable talking about that stuff. I think it's great to be open about it and laugh about it.

Terri: I was telling some stupid story, probably just rambling on and on, when he stopped me and said, "Do you know what time it is?" I look at my watch, and it is 11:30. Suddenly, we were in this mad dash to catch the last Metro. He had to go to the Red Line, and I had to go the Orange.

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