An ode to the 'Old Man Crew'

Saturday, April 10, 2010; 10:50 PM

Gary Pollard, pastor of the Mullens Pentecostal Holiness Church in Mullens, W.Va., composed a song in honor of the "Old Man Crew," who were in the Upper Big Branch mine during a catastrophic explosion Monday. On Friday, he sang the song at the funeral of miner Benny Willingham, a member of the crew who was a devout Christian. He called it "Benny's Song."

It's 3:15, the alarm goes off,
It's time to start another day.
Before I roll out of bed, I've gotta kiss my wife
Then to my knees, I pray

I say thank you Jesus, for saving my soul,
And I know I say it every time,
That I pray to the Lord my soul to take,
if I don't make it home from the mine.

I live my life for Jesus, and for my family.
I made my living in a cold black hole,
and I served my country.

I'm gonna miss my friends and loved ones,
But there's one thing you gotta do:
You gotta give your life to Jesus.
You know, he liked coal miners too.

I was part of that Old Man Crew.
We stuck together to the end.
We shoveled coal and we had good times.
We were the best of friends.

Then one day I met Jesus.
He came and saved my soul.
Now I'm walking the streets with him.
And they're not made of coal.

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