Washington Wizards have a number of free agents to target

Wednesday, April 14, 2010; D05

The Wizards could have about $18.7 million in cap space to use on free agents this summer. With only five players under contract and three of the top 36 picks in the NBA draft, the Wizards would have to use that money to acquire at least four more players through trades or signings. Here are some of their options:

Top 10 available free agents in 2010

1. LeBron James, Cleveland (player option)

Unlikely to leave championship-caliber team with Cavaliers for any place other than New York.

2. Dwyane Wade, Miami (player option)

Will likely remain in Miami.

3. Chris Bosh, Toronto (player option)

Could possibly bolt from Canada, but not to join a rebuilding situation.

*4. Amare Stoudemire, Phoenix (early termination option)

Has an offseason home in Miami, will possibly leave for any team willing to pay the max.

*5. Joe Johnson, Atlanta (unrestricted)

If Hawks are unwilling to pay him, rumored to be headed for New York or Chicago.

6. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas (early termination option)

Will likely get an extension from Dallas.

7. Yao Ming, Houston (early termination option)

Might not opt out coming off a season-long foot injury.

8. Carlos Boozer, Utah (unrestricted)

Could stay in Utah, but might leave for Bulls, Heat or Pistons.

9. Paul Pierce, Boston (early termination option)

Might not opt out of $21.5 million contract.

*10. Rudy Gay, Memphis (restricted)

Might be willing to welcome a return near Baltimore home.

Best of the rest

11. David Lee, New York (unrestricted); *12. Luis Scola, Houston (restricted); *13. Josh Childress, Atlanta (restricted); 14. Ray Allen, Boston (unrestricted); 15. Marcus Camby, Portland (unrestricted).

* Players the Wizards might pursue this offseason

Wizards free agents in 2010

Josh Howard (team option), Mike Miller, Randy Foye (restricted), Shaun Livingston, James Singleton, Fabricio Oberto, Quinton Ross (player option), Earl Boykins, Javaris Crittenton, Cartier Martin (restricted), Cedric Jackson (restricted).

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