Sarah Palin's straws, Weird Al's wine and other celebrity demands

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lear jets? Bendy straws? Some of the demands in a draft rider to Sarah Palin's speaking contract, made public last week, might seem particular, but they're nothing compared with the requirements of other politicos and monsters of rock. The Smoking Gun Web site has been cataloging these contracts for years. A look through its files provides a few tips on what you'll need to provide if you want to lure a picky celeb to your town.

-- Justin Moyer


BRING: A recumbent bike. "JK would prefer a recumbent bike these days, not the regular old stationery [sic] bike," says a memo from Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign.

FORGET: Tomatoes. "NEVER order: Tomato based products OR sandwiches," the document cautions.


BRING: White wine. Yankovic likes access to "2 bottles of good Chardonnay," according to the rider for his 2003 "Poodle Hat" tour. "Yellow Tail brand is preferred."

FORGET: Meat, dairy, or any other animal products or byproducts. "Al is a strict vegan," the rider explains.


BRING: Benjamins. "Aretha Franklin is to receive from the promoter, a portion of [her] payment in the form of $25,000 in cash," according to an undated contract rider.

FORGET: Dry air. "Aretha Franklin's dressing room must be supplied with a cool mist humidifier," the rider stipulates. In addition, "all air conditioning vents must be turned off or taped shut, to prevent any cold air from flowing."

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