Lisa de Moraes: Joe Biden keeps his cool in 'The View' hot seat

Vice President Joe Biden discusses his audible expletive and Sarah Palin's appeal during an appearance Thursday on ABC's "The View."
By Lisa de Moraes
Friday, April 23, 2010

Vice President Biden went on ABC's daytime talk show "The View" Thursday morning to refute a news report claiming that a secret memo written by Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the United States lacks a policy to thwart Iran's march toward nuclear capability. Biden also made a point of shooting down the notion that Israel is debating whether to attack Iran without U.S. permission, to state emphatically that China will agree to sanctions against Iran, and to nuke a report that the president is mulling a national sales tax.

Biden's visit with the Ladies of "The View" got a boatload of press coverage. You may have seen all the headlines:

-- Biden on 'The View': Obama laughed 'like the devil' at F-bomb

-- Biden reflects on BFD

-- Biden: No Idea Microphones Picked Up F-Bomb Until Obama Told Me

-- Joe Biden on 'The View': F-Bomb 'Was a Little Embarrassing'

-- Biden explains his health-care-victory expletive

Almost every member of the news media who threw something up on a Web site shortly after Biden's visit to the show decided the most pressing issue addressed by the vice president of the United States of America was his use last month of the naughty word that rhymes with "duck" when, in his girlish enthusiasm over the historic nature of the moment -- he was congratulating President Obama on passage of national health-care reform -- he whispered into Obama's ear, "This is a big [expletive]-ing deal!" and the microphone picked it up.

Now we're just a lowly columnist who covers television. We leave it to the political-reporting experts -- including Politico, MSNBC, Huffington Post, The Washington Post's political blog, the Los Angeles Times and Fox News Channel, among others -- to determine what was the most important bit of news to come out of a nationally televised appearance by the man who is a heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world. We'll take the lead of the professionals and give you the all the details on this most important of stories:

The issue was brought up by Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who is famously "The View's" token pretty blond Republican:

"Obama has been in the past talking about words, you know, he's told us that there are certain words that, as America, we should kind of stay away from: war on terror, radical Islam, etc. You get up there, health-care bill signed, and you throw the f-bomb!" she said.

What Hasselbeck wanted to know was why he, Biden, thought he "got the pass" from the president of the United States after perpetrating this outrage.

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