Nuptials: Stacey Frank & Robert Tessaro

Sunday, April 25, 2010; E08

Stacey Frank, 34, does human resources work for a consulting group. Robert Tessaro, 33, is a membership director for a juvenile justice policy organization. They live in the District.

Wedding date: April 10.

Location: Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans.

Guests: 125.

How they met: It was 1994, and Stacey was about to start her freshman year at Tulane University. During a cab ride to the school, Stacey had asked her mom not to talk to anyone. But with loads of luggage to carry, Stacey's mom asked the first person she saw for help -- Rob. He was also a freshman and had moved into the same dorm that morning. Stacey was mortified, but Rob quickly saw an opportunity and gave her his number. Their first date followed in a couple of weeks.

The proposal: Last Fourth of July, Rob surprised Stacey with a fireworks cruise on the Potomac. He had earlier alerted the captain that he planned to pop the question. So as they approached the Washington Monument, the captain asked everyone to clear the deck and gave Rob a wink. Rob then asked Stacey if he could take a photo of her at the boat's bow. She thought they would get in trouble but reluctantly agreed. Rob said he had one more surprise and presented the ring.

The wedding: They got married in the city that brought them together. After the ceremony, the couple led a police-escorted second-line parade with a jazz band down Bourbon Street. The street was packed, Rob adds, with people hanging out of the bars and over the balconies cheering.

Honeymoon: St. Lucia.

-- Kathleen Hom

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