Date Lab: He's what most women are looking for. Is she most women?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

7:30, Sonoma, Capitol Hill

John: I got there a little early. This is my first blind date ever. I sat at the bar and ordered a Coke. Maybe five minutes later, the hostess said my date was there. I walked over to meet her. I thought she was very pretty. She had very pretty eyes. She was very natural-looking, not too much makeup.

Lori: When I first saw him I thought, Date Lab did a really good job. He is really cute. He's tall, athletic and good-looking. We shook hands, sat down and hit it off almost immediately.

John: We started chitchatting for maybe 20 minutes before we even looked at the menus. The waitress came back a couple of times. We figured we should order. We talked about what we eat and don't eat.

Lori: He ordered the chicken. I ordered the fish. He said he was a boring eater and that he eats the same thing almost every day. I'm a huge food person. I love ethnic foods.

John: I'm open to trying new things, but I've got to stare at it first or try a small piece. We talked about politics. We didn't talk about the specifics of our viewpoints, but the whole game of it. She used to work on the Hill, and it was interesting to hear her insights. From the outside, it sometimes looks like members [of Congress] shoot from the hip with what they say. But she said that's not the case. That was cool. We didn't ask if we were both on the same side, but I would say from our conversation that we're close on the political spectrum.

Lori: We talked about TV shows. He watches a lot of news, and so do I. We talked about movies. I think it was a good give-and-take, a good flow. After dinner, we looked at the dessert menu, and he suggested we share the trio of ice creams.

John: We finished dinner a little after 9, and I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk. We walked down Pennsylvania Avenue and talked about dating and our pasts. We're both divorced and have daughters. My ex-wife remarried, and he's a real good guy. We all get along. [Lori] said she was cool with her ex. There's no drama. That's really good, especially when you have kids.

Lori: We talked a lot about our families, not just our daughters. I'm really close to my sisters and my mom. He told me he gave his mom a lot of trouble growing up but that they're really close now. He talks to her every d--ay and visits her a lot. It's good that he's close to his mom. Family is important.

John: I think [there was chemistry.] I've been on other [dates] where you don't want to hang out. [But] we were hanging out and laughing and taking in the city.

Lori: It's hard to tell if there's chemistry on a first date. But it was very comfortable. We had some homeless guy take a picture of us, and [John] gave the guy a dollar. When we took pictures, we had our arms around each other.

John: It was almost 10:30, so I walked her to her car. I said, "I don't know what the rules are, but if it's cool, I'd love to keep in touch." So we exchanged numbers.

Lori: I gave him a hug. We talked some more, and I gave him another hug and said goodbye.

John: I'd give the date a 4 [out of 5]. It was one of the best dates I've ever had, especially with someone totally new. We didn't have a tough time communicating at all. I didn't have to ask a bunch of questions and have her answering, like a test. I thought there was chemistry, but I couldn't tell for sure. That's the only reason it's not a 5, but I'd love to go out again to find out.

Lori: I'd give it a 4.5. The conversation was great. He's smart and funny. He's probably what most women are looking for. He sent me a text [the next day] and said he had a great time. And I replied the same.

Interviews by Kelly DiNardo

Update: Lori and John went to lunch two weeks later and had plans to get together again that weekend. "We like hanging out, and I think we'll keep doing so," Lori says.


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