Wanted ex-CIA station chief caught in Norfolk

By Jeff Stein
Wednesday, April 28, 2010; A06

A former CIA station chief accused of sexual assault in Algeria was in the custody of federal marshals Tuesday and scheduled for transfer back to Washington after being arrested at a hotel in Norfolk, officials said.

Judge Ellen S. Huvelle of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued a bench warrant for the arrest of the former spy, Andrew Warren, after he failed to check in with pretrial services within two days of his April 21 hearing on his bond status, a Justice Department spokeswoman said.

Warren, a former CIA station chief in Algeria, was arrested Monday afternoon at a Ramada Inn by Norfolk police fugitive investigators, Diplomatic Security Service agents and U.S. marshals, who also confiscated a gun. On Tuesday, Warren was arraigned in federal court in Norfolk, where he waived extradition. He faces trial in June.

According to Norfolk's WVEC-TV, authorities were able to find Warren because his neighbors had called police a few weeks ago to report that he had been acting strangely and, on one occasion, exposed himself during a house visit.

The Norfolk commonwealth's attorney's office said Warren, 42, was not facing state charges in connection with lewd behavior.

Warren faces accusations from two women in Algiers that he doped their drinks at his CIA residence in 2008 and then sexually assaulted them. The CIA fired him in March 2009 after the accusations were aired in the media.

Warren's Florida-based attorney, Mark David Hunter, said in March that his client was innocent and was prepared to defend himself.

Hunter did not respond to a telephone call and e-mails seeking comment on the latest developments.

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