KidsPost: Washington, D.C., first-grader Cole Leonard interviewed Dorothy Height

Cole Leonard, 6, with civil rights leader Dorothy Height.
Cole Leonard, 6, with civil rights leader Dorothy Height. (Joe Leonard)
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Student interviewed civil rights legend

-- A District first-grader was one of the last people to interview civil rights leader Dorothy Height before she died last week at age 98.

Cole Leonard, 6, a student at Georgetown Day School, talked to Height for a school project. He was supposed to interview an older woman about how attitudes toward women had changed in her lifetime. His father knew Dorothy Height and suggested Cole interview her. So they went to Height's office, and Cole asked eight questions.

Height explained that when she grew up she was expected to "stay home and cook," but she wanted to do more. She became one of the leading civil rights advocates for African Americans for the past 50 years. President Obama is scheduled to deliver the eulogy at her funeral today at the National Cathedral.

"She was really nice," Cole said.

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