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D.C. area congressional votes

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here's how some major bills fared recently in Congress and how local congressional members voted, as provided by Thomas Voting Reports. The District's congressional delegate is not permitted to vote on final passage of legislation. "NV" means "not voting."

House votes

Congressional pay freeze

For: 402/Against: 15

The House of Representatives voted to join the Senate in blocking a congressional pay raise set for January 2011. The bill (HR 5146) will freeze salaries at levels in effect since January 2009, which are $174,000 for rank-and-file members, $193,400 for the House and Senate majority and minority leaders and the Senate president pro tempore, and $223,500 for the House speaker. Under federal law, lawmakers automatically receive cost-of-living increases each January unless they vote to block them.

Other top federal salaries are $400,000 for the president, $230,700 for the vice president, $223,500 for the chief justice of the United States, $213,900 for associate Supreme Court justices, $199,700 for Cabinet officers, $184,500 for appellate judges and $174,00 for district judges. When Congress freezes its own pay, it usually follows up by freezing other top salaries as well.

A yes vote was to freeze congressional pay.





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