Highlights of Senate Democrats's immigration proposal

Saturday, May 1, 2010; 1:42 PM

Key facts on immigration proposal

  • Establish "zero tolerance" for illegal border crossers by adding enforcement personnel, technology and tracking systems for departing foreigners.
  • Over six years, issue new biometric Social Security cards linked to fingerprints and machine scanners to all U.S. workers and employers to verify work eligibility.
  • Ease immigration for highly skilled foreign students in the sciences, and create a new temporary worker visa for low-skilled non-agricultural workers.
  • Add protections for U.S. workers and wages, and grant redress to any American worker displaced by a temporary worker.
  • Clear immigration backlog of close relatives waiting to be reunited with legal permanent U.S. residents within eight years.
  • Register, fingerprint and screen 10.8 million illegal immigrants. After eight years, non-criminals who learn English and civics and pay taxes and fees may apply for permanent residency.

More on border measures

  • Beef up Border Patrol, customs, immigration enforcement and judicial personnel.
  • Expand use of sensors, military equipment, transport and tracking systems.
  • Create a Border Patrol Auxiliary.
  • Complete a system to verify fingerprints of foreigners exiting the country to confirm visa compliance.

More on employment measures

  • Begin issuing biometric Social Security cards within 18 months linked to fingerprints or other biometric identifier.
  • Deploy a scanner system nationwide over six years that will require all employers to verify workers' eligibility using the cards.

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