Top 10 films at the box office for May 3, 2010

KILLER FILM: "Nightmare" slew the box office competition.
KILLER FILM: "Nightmare" slew the box office competition. (Warner Bros. Via Associated Press)
Monday, May 3, 2010

Freddy Krueger is raking in cash at the box office again. A remake of the slasher flick "A Nightmare on Elm Street" led the weekend with a $32.2 million debut domestically. It features Jackie Earle Haley as Krueger, a psycho killer who stalks and slays victims in their dreams.

Here are the top movie ticket sales Friday through Sunday, with estimated weekend receipts, and total receipts since the movie opened. The number of weeks opened is in parentheses.

in millions of dollars
1.A Nightmare on Elm Street (1)32.232.2
2.How to Train Your Dragon (6)10.8192.4
3.Date Night (4)7.673.6
4.The Back-Up Plan (2)7.223.0
5.Furry Vengeance (1)6.56.5
6.The Losers (2)6.018.1
7.Clash of the Titans (5)6.0154.0
8.Kick-Ass (3)4.542.2
9.Death at a Funeral (3)4.034.8
10.Oceans (2)2.613.5


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