Timeline in the Chandra Levy case

Some of the indelible images associated with the Chandra Levy disappearance and subsequent murder investigation.
Friday, May 7, 2010


-- Spring 2007: D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier names new detectives to Chandra Levy case, and they begin reviewing old case files.

-- July 13-27, 2008: The Post publishes 13-part investigation, identifies Ingmar Guandique as most likely suspect.

-- Sept. 9, 2008: Detectives interview Guandique in prison, take DNA sample.

-- November 2008: Detectives interview witness who has not been publicly identified who claims Guandique confessed to murdering a woman who "looked Italian."

-- Nov. 25, 2008: Detectives interview, for the first time, Halle Shilling, one of two women attacked by Guandique around time of Chandra's disappearance in 2001. They also interview his second victim, Christy Wiegand.

-- Late 2008: Detectives interview another unidentified witness who says Guandique claimed responsibility for killing a "young woman."

-- February 2009: Detectives interview yet another unidentified witness who says Guandique boasted that he murdered a woman in a "big park."

-- Feb. 26, 2009: Prison officials find a makeshift knife in Guandique's cell after he vows to not "go out alone" if police try to arrest him.

-- May 19, 2009: Guandique is indicted for the murder of Chandra Levy.

Sources: D.C. Superior Court and police records; Washington Post interviews.

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