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Wizards' Gilbert Arenas nears end of halfway house sentence

He spent the first two days of his sentence at the Montgomery County Detention Center, standard procedure for offenders in his category. Dorsey said he saw him there, playing spades with other inmates.

Arenas arrived at the halfway house April 11.

Resident Edwin Bejarano, 22, said he noticed Arenas keeping to himself. But Bejarano said he eventually had two pleasant conversations with him, owing to their mutual affection for vintage Cadillacs and Impalas.

"He likes old-school cars," Bejarano said.

Kenny Whitfield, another resident, said he gave Arenas chess lessons. "He's getting better," Whitfield said.

As for basketball, one troubling piece of information from the residents: Arenas has to ice his bad knee afterward.

On the court, he hasn't played particularly hard and seemed worried about mixing it up too much, several residents said. But Dorsey, who said he often guarded him, said Arenas's competitive drive flared up if he needed to score.

And when another resident scored on him, that brought out the ribbing from all those watching.

" 'Come on, Gilbert!' " Dorsey recalled them saying. " 'What are you doing? You're supposed to be in the NBA.' "

Residents said they weren't allowed to get Arenas's autograph until Thursday, his last full day.

Arenas still has to complete his 400 hours of community service. He can spend the remaining hours at New Beginnings or with other community service organizations. Arenas also will be on probation for two years.

Staff writer Keith L. Alexander contributed to this report.

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