Tampa is recommended site for Republican National Convention

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Tampa recommended for GOP convention

The Republican National Committee's site-selection committee on Wednesday unanimously recommended Tampa as the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention.

As a Florida committeewoman credited Tampa's experience in two previous bids with bolstering its prospects, RNC Chairman Michael S. Steele brushed off questions about whether Phoenix, one of two cities that lost out, was hurt by a tough new Arizona law that cracks down on illegal immigration.

"No, no," Steele said. "It was a business decision."

Committee members, meeting at National Harbor, told reporters that Tampa simply had more resources than Phoenix or the other finalist, Salt Lake City.

Steele said he will visit Tampa "probably this week" before an official decision is made at an RNC meeting in August.

-- Dave Weigel


White House defends legislation in court

The assertion that Congress overstepped the Constitution by requiring Americans to carry health insurance is "flatly wrong," the Obama administration said Wednesday in its first court defense of the health-care law.

Congress acted well within its power to regulate interstate commerce and to provide for the general welfare, Justice Department lawyers argued in a 46-page brief, filed in federal district court in Detroit. For the courts to overturn the legislation would amount to unwarranted interference with the policymaking authority of Congress, they added.

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