Personal Finance: Advice for Graduates

Michelle Singletary
Thursday, May 13, 2010; 9:58 AM

Next week my niece is graduating from Bowie State University. I'm so proud of her, especially since she listened to her very smart aunt on many money matters. She didn't take out any student loans (nor did her parents). She paid cash for her used car. She doesn't have any credit card debt. She's great at saving.

I'm just so proud of her (sniff, sniff).

So I was thinking: What one piece of financial advice would you have for a newly minted college graduate? On the flip side, what was the one piece of financial advice that you received in your early adult life that really served you well? That's two questions for this week's Color of Money Question. You can answer one or both. Send your comments to Put "All Grown Up Money Advice" in the subject line.

On her Post blog Rapid Reinvention, Avis Thomas-Lester has been asking professionals to share their advice to college graduates looking for work. This week she's featured advice from Janice Bryant-Howroyd, author of "The Art of Work: How to Make Work, Work for You." She's also chief executive of the Act 1 Group personnel services agency.

Here's just a snippet of Bryant-Howroyd's advice: "Everyone you know knows someone who knows someone who works in a company you want to be employed by. Work every contact. Don't be shy about checking in with contacts. Personal referrals remain one of the strongest door openers to a job."

You can read the rest of her tips here.

It's Time to Talk

This week, it's just you and me. What's on your mind financially?

If you have an adult child about to graduate from school, maybe you have a question or two about his or her job search, or the prospect of him or her coming back home to live with you. If so, join me online today at noon ET.

Today there's no agenda. No guest. It will be just you and me talking money.

If you are unable to join me live, send your question early or read the transcript later.

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