U.S. policy on nuclear Iran underscores bias toward Israel

Friday, May 14, 2010

Israel more than just "complicates efforts against Iran," [Fine Print, May 4]; it makes painfully clear the U.S. government's utter hypocrisy when it comes to tackling anything to do with Israel, including its nuclear weapons. And the Obama administration has shown no change in the long-biased American policy favoring Israel and in fact is willing to reward its obvious nuclear intransigence.

With more than 200 nuclear weapons and the capacity to deliver them against its enemies or use them to buttress its policies, Israel refuses to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty or to open its nuclear facilities for International Atomic Energy Agency inspection. On the other hand, Israel and the United States insist on applying the harshest possible sanctions against Iran, which they fear may be developing nuclear weapons. The United States furthermore is responding to a regional initiative to make the Middle East a zone free of weapons of mass destruction by linking it to progress in the peace process, which means a peace customized by and suited especially to meet Israel's interests, naturally, because Israel is the sole nuclear power in the region.

In promoting this deal, imposed by a nuclear Israel on a much weaker region, the United States is affirming that it certainly pays to be a nuclear power -- you get things done on your terms -- and providing further incentive and determination to other Mideast countries to seek to achieve that same prize.

Ghassan Bishara, Burke

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