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Help File: Finding a pared-down smartphone data-service deal isn't easy

By Rob Pegoraro
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, May 16, 2010

Q: I want a smartphone that can open my Office files and play music. Can I get one without having to pay $30 a month for data services I won't use?

A: Good luck buying such a thing new from the major wireless carriers; the phones they sell with those capabilities require signing up for voice-and-data bundles that cost around $70 a month.

But if you buy a used smartphone, you may be able to take that to a carrier and get only a voice plan -- depending on the phone and the carrier.

At one extreme, AT&T Wireless requires data service on even used smartphones, wrote spokeswoman Alexa Kaufman.

At Sprint, the trick would be to buy a phone that Sprint hasn't sold with an "Everything Data" plan requirement. But the carrier doesn't seem to have a list of phones meeting that requirement. A sufficiently old Palm Treo or Windows Mobile Sprint-compatible device could work, but check with Sprint first.

At Verizon Wireless, you'd need a smartphone "launched prior to November 2008," spokeswoman Melanie Ortel wrote.

T-Mobile has the most liberal policy. Its "Even More Plus" plans, designed for people who bring their own devices, cost $10 less than its regular plans, because they don't need to cover the subsidies that lower the price of most new phones.

Spokesman David Henderson said voice-only Even More Plus plans are available even if you bring a model T-Mobile sells today. So instead of Dumpster-diving for an antique Palm, Win Mobile or Nokia S60 smartphone, you could get a new Android device.

In any of these scenarios, remember that going online by mistake can incur per-kilobyte charges that might make international-roaming fees look cheap.

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