A new roadkill policy for VDOT?

Monday, May 17, 2010

About 10 days ago, a deer was killed on Guinea Road near Rutherford Park and Long Branch Trail. Despite calls to agencies that might be responsible for the removal of the battered carcass, the remains rotted almost to nothing as no one followed up on our inquiries. By last Tuesday, attracted no doubt by the stench, at least six vultures tore the carcass apart until all that was left was the spine, rib cage, skin and skull.

We realize that the press of the human population places deer at increasing risk of death by car and that removing the casualties takes time and resources. Having witnessed the poor response of the Virginia Department of Transportation to several requests to act, however, leads us to wonder if "removal by vulture" has become a less costly, though unappealing, approach to an unpleasant reality of modern suburban life.

David and Mary Rabadan, Annandale

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