Bike to Work Day tips from experienced cyclist-commuters

Friday, May 21, 2010; B06

Thousands of commuters are expected to participate in Bike to Work Day, but here are tips from experienced cyclists for anytime:

-- Bike safety classes will teach you to interact with traffic and avoid common accidents.

-- Test your route. Google Maps offers bike directions, but you may want to create your own detours.

-- Travel light.

-- Chris Eatough,

BikeArlington manager

-- Wear a helmet, and don't ride up the gutter when traffic is stopped for a stop sign or light. It is one of the main reasons cyclists have collisions with cars turning right.

-- Learn how to change a flat before you set out.

-- Ashley Halsey III,

Washington Post staff writer

-- Start out with a few miles, then gradually build to your full commute.

-- Take water and snacks.

-- Start early to avoid the sun and heat and take sun protection.

-- Dress in layers.

-- Select a comfortable bike and avoid thin racing tires.

-- Sebastien Guilmard,

D.C. cyclist who advocates

commuter cycling

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