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Predictions on how 'Lost' will end

TALE OF A FATEFUL TRIP: What will happen to Hurley, Sawyer and Kate?
TALE OF A FATEFUL TRIP: What will happen to Hurley, Sawyer and Kate? (Mario Perez/associated Press)
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

On Sunday night, "Lost" -- the pioneering ABC drama about a band of ragtag (yet hot) plane crash survivors stranded on a supernatural island -- will end its enigmatic six-season run. And after years of following plot twists involving (but not limited to) polar bears, smoke monsters, shadowy cults and time travel, fans are prepared for a doozy of a denouement.

But will we get closure or, a la David Chase's "Sopranos" ending, an abrupt cut to black?

We asked online readers to submit predictions for "Lost's" final scene. Herewith is a sampling of the best predictions we collected (along with our own and a couple from some of the show's famous fans).

The non-fan

I don't watch it, but I think the final episode will be a rousing musical number.

-- Dave Barry, humorist

The absurdist

I predict that the final reveal in "Lost" will be that the entire show took place in the mind of Vincent the dog while he was sleeping in his owner's office and his owner is The Man in Black and his name is actually Todd Gervin and he's a CPA who does Oceanic Airlines' taxes.

-- Paul Scheer, actor/comedian/writer (FX's "The League" and MTV's "Human Giant")

Supposed expert No. 1

Can I be vague? We'll end with one merged timeline and an echo of an image we've seen before. Jack's eye opening as he finds himself in an unexpected place, passengers boarding an Oceanic plane, two men sitting on a deserted beach. And cue the swelling Journey song . . .

-- Liz Kelly, Washington Post "Lost" blogger

The island ceases to exist

Jack will cause the island to sink and Smoke Monster to end up back in its cave. Back in Los Angeles, Locke will wake up in recovery. All the other remaining characters end up in the same hospital waiting area: Kate with Aaron, Hugo, Jin, Sun, James, etc.

-- Dian

History repeats itself (a leading theory)

The last scene will be a close-up of Jack's eye, pulling out to show his face. We will be left to speculate where he is. So the last scene will also be the first scene, and vice versa.

-- Glavin

Supposed expert No. 2

It all ends with a close-up of our protagonist, Jack Shephard, who presumably has done something undeniably heroic -- like saving the island -- but was gravely injured in the process. The camera closes in on his eye, the same eye that snapped open in the very first moment of the "Lost" pilot. We see it open again, but then, slowly, we watch it close. And with that, "Lost" closes, too.

-- Jen Chaney, Washington Post "Lost" blogger

The rage-a-holic

Writers of "Lost" have no clue either and read these postings for a clue. I can't believe I wasted my time watching this show.

-- Sandy R.

The montage (an oft-used device)

My guess: Three montages -- all music, no dialogue.

1. A funeral for one of the Losties: Sawyer?

2. A reunion: Kate and baby Aaron? Hurley and family?

3. Two men sit and look out at the sea. One, a white stone in his hand; the other, a black stone. Final shot is their faces -- one is Jack or Desmond, the other is Ben or Locke.

-- Jeff Rotkoff

The 'it was all a crazy Hurley dream' theory

The disparate story lines are a result of [Hurley's] dissatisfaction with the story in his mind, thus "rebooting" the entire story to where Oceanic didn't crash.

-- David Burns

'The joke's on you, dear viewer' ending

The show ends with J.J. Abrams and the rest of the "Lost" writers swimming in an Uncle Scrooge-like pile of gold, laughing at us all with none of our key questions answered.

-- Jordan

The pragmatist

I predict that everyone is going to be really disappointed. I also predict that I'm the only person who will be 100 percent correct.

-- Margaret

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Final episode of "Lost" airs Sunday from 9 to 11:30 p.m. on ABC.

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly will chat about the finale Monday at 2 p.m.

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