Weddings: Lindsay Goodman & Kevin Bianco

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lindsay Goodman, 27, is a member relations specialist for a consumer association. Kevin Bianco, 27, is a research associate. They live in Arlington.

Wedding date: May 1.

Location: Folger Park and Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar in D.C.

Guests: 80.

How they met: In 2002, sophomores Lindsay and Kevin took the same film editing class at a college in Norfolk. Lindsay said she'd routinely catch Kevin staring at her. He says he was only curious about Lindsay's reaction to their funny professor. After class one day, he worked up the nerve to talk to Lindsay and they were both smitten. They worked on class projects together, editing late into the evenings, and took nighttime strolls around campus.

The proposal: Kevin says he started saving for Lindsay's ring in 2004. By late 2008, he was ready to pop the question and kept suggesting they visit one of their favorite places in D.C., the ice rink at the Sculpture Garden on the Mall. They finally did in January 2009, where Lindsay was preoccupied with twirling on the ice. When she stopped, the rink was cleared of people and Kevin was down on one knee.

The wedding: The couple got hitched in front of a big tree at Folger Park with two friends playing the cello and other guests standing around them. They wrote the ceremony themselves. Lindsay became known as the bouncing bride, Kevin says, because she was bouncing with excitement during the entire ceremony.

Honeymoon: A fall trip to Paris and the French Riviera.

-- Kathleen Hom

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