A Place Called Nope: Gene Weingarten on Googlenopes and Googleyups

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By Gene Weingarten
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's been three years since this column last visited the "Googlenope," a term I coined to describe a phrase that returns no hits when Googled between quotation marks.

Alas, Googlenopes are getting harder to find; the explosion of the Web, with its indiscriminate tastes, is herding the noble Googlenope toward extinction. Hopeful, enthusiastic searches increasingly deliver crushing disappointment. I just now tried "Rumpelstiltskin's underpants," and got one hit. It's actually become a Googleyup.

You can define a society by the breadth of its Googlenopes, for they represent no less than the frontier of human thought -- the places in the mind we have not yet dared to go.

So, I feel it my duty to soldier on in the search, a Job-like task because even in success, there is failure: Every time a new Googlenope is created and published, it dies as a Googlenope. In this manner, inexorably, phrase by phrase, we shall create a nightmare world where absolutely nothing has been left unsaid.


Googleyup: "Obama is a vicious KleptoMarxist."

Googleyup: "Obama is the savior of the world."

Googleyup: "Obama is a pantywearing jackass."

Googleyup: "Obama is an evil human-race-enslaving robot."

Googleyup: "Obama is goodness personified."

Googleyup: "Obama is literally Hitler."

Googlenope: "I'm not sure what I think about Obama."

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