Protect yourself from the sun: What to wear

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A wide-brimmed hat

This protects your face, the back of your neck, your ears and your scalp (where it's hard to put sunscreen).


Your eyes can be damaged by UV radiation. Why squint when you can wear cool shades?

Dark clothing

UV rays go through your clothes. Although dark clothing is warmer to wear, light does not pass through dark fabric as easily as it passes through light-colored fabric. (That's why dark curtains keep a room darker than white ones.) Lightweight, gauzy fabric doesn't protect you as well as tightly woven clothes.

Long shorts or pants

The tops of the thighs can get burned when you are sitting outside. Keep them covered!

Shoes that cover your feet

The tops of the feet get a lot of direct sun exposure. The more you can cover them up, the better.


Don't skimp on this essential sun protection: You need to make sure everything is covered, including easy-to-forget spots such as your neck and behind your ears. Have your parents or a buddy put sunscreen on your back, where you can't reach.


-- Reapply every two hours.

-- Use even on cloudy days.

-- Don't forget lip balm with SPF.

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