FTC asks Google to retain WiFi data

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Friday, May 28, 2010


FTC wants Google to retain home WiFi data

The Federal Trade Commission has asked Google not to destroy any documents related to the data it collected from unsecured home wireless networks as it gathered images for its Street View photo-map archive, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The company has not complied with a request from Germany to turn over Internet data and e-mail it collected from the networks as its roving Street View cars collected images, citing legal issues. It also has not turned over information to Hong Kong.

Google has said that its cars inadvertently collected 600 gigabytes of "fragmentary data" from WiFi networks in 33 countries and Hong Kong. It has not described the information in detail. It blamed the collection on a programming error.

-- Los Angeles Times


Dismissal of YouTube suit sought

Yahoo, IAC/InterActive, eBay and Facebook urged a judge to dismiss Viacom's copyright-infringement lawsuit against Google's YouTube video-sharing Web site.

The four Internet companies filed friend-of-the-court legal briefs on behalf of YouTube Thursday in Manhattan federal court, where a judge is weighing YouTube's and Viacom's legal motions in the 2007 lawsuit.

"Plaintiffs' legal arguments, if accepted, would retard the development of the Internet and electronic commerce," Asim Bhansali, a lawyer representing the four companies, said in the brief.

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