Nuptials: Jennifer Snyder & Eric Lamarre

Sunday, May 30, 2010; E08

Jennifer Snyder, 37, is a conservation research volunteer. Eric Lamarre, 48, manages Lee Stocking Island in the Bahamas, where they live.

Wedding date: May 6.

Location: Romora Bay Resort and Marina and the Landing restaurant on Harbour Island, Bahamas.

Guests: None.

How they met: Eric's stepsister introduced Eric to her co-worker Jennifer in 2003 at an Easter brunch in the District, where they both lived. Eric tried to jump into a conversation with Jennifer as she talked to a friend about her Peace Corps experience in South America, because he had served there as well. But Jennifer and her friend were too busy chatting. Eric and Jennifer didn't really have a conversation until a couple of years later, when they went with friends to a film screening.

The proposal: Eric applied for his job in the Bahamas last August and was talking to Jennifer about the logistics of moving as she was doing the dishes. He mentioned that it might be easier if they were married. Jennifer, caught off guard, asked if he was popping the question. He didn't answer one way or the other, Jennifer says. Eric thought that wasn't the proper way to propose, so two weeks later he made dinner and over dessert asked for Jennifer's hand.

The wedding: They planned an elopement, buying their rings and Jennifer's dress in the District before moving to the Bahamas last fall. Five years after their first date, the couple had a civil ceremony in a garden gazebo.

Honeymoon: Diving and exploring Harbour Island's pink-sand beaches.

-- Kathleen Hom

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