The egg tasting findings

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All eggs were soft-cooked, with firm whites and runny yolks. Seven tasters were blindfolded and fed samples at the author's farm in Massachusetts. Excerpts from their comments are listed here. Each taster chose one favorite.


Stop & Shop Nature's Promise cage-free organic brown eggs ($3.99 per dozen): Nutty. Fresh, smooth texture. Yolky. Creamy. Rich. Most flavorful. Richer, lingering. Umami. Brighter flavor. Firm white, okay yolk. Taste okay. White isn't too jellylike. Bland. A little parchmentlike. Slightly metallic. Unpleasant aftertaste.


Stop & Shop conventional white eggs ($1.99 per dozen): Smooth. Butter in front. Long, lingering taste. Very yolky. Nice yolk texture. Rich. Smoother. Creamier. Pleasant but not flavorful. Moderate taste. Just okay. Low egg flavor. Similar to previous sample.


Backyard eggs (priceless): Lighter flavor, somewhat smoother overall. Earthy. Greater complexity of flavor. Nice aftertaste. Sharper taste of yolk. More buttery. Not strong yolk flavor. Strong egg flavor. Butter at the back of palate. Creamy. Lightest. Fishy. Bland.

The Country Hen cage-free organic brown eggs ($3.29 per half-dozen): Best initial taste. Creamy. Good texture. Very flavorful, but some harshness to it. Yolk less tasty, but good. No aftertaste. Not as yolky. Confused. Average. Almost dull. Slightly watery.

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