Details of the new D.C. teachers' contract

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Here are highlights from the pact the Washington Teachers' Union ratified in a vote announced Wednesday.

-- Increases salaries 21.6 percent over five years, with an immediate 11 percent retroactive payment for 2008-10.

-- Offers voluntary performance pay, based on multiple measures, including improvement in student test scores.

-- Improves professional development on topics such as classroom discipline, using achievement data and working with special-needs students. Three "teacher centers," modeled after a similar idea in New York, will be opened to help support instructors.

-- Expands induction and mentoring programs for all new teachers.

-- Establishes classroom performance as more important than seniority if jobs are cut because of declining enrollment or program changes. Under a "mutual consent" provision, displaced teachers are no longer guaranteed another spot in the school system. Those unable to find a job after 60 days can take a $25,000 buyout, retire with full benefits if they have 20 or more years of service, or receive a year with full salary and benefits to continue looking for another position in the system.

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