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Teen beaten, sneakers stolen; car hits boy; 32 years for rapist; body in woods

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Gang beats teen, takes his sneakers

A large fight that started aboard a Red Line train Friday left Tavon Bailey, 16, beaten unconscious -- and without his Air Jordan shoes -- and shut down Union Station for about half an hour as police responded.

Metro officials initially reported a possible shooting at Union Station, but police recovered only a "realistic training firearm" that looks like a machine gun. No shots were fired, they said.

Bailey, 16, was "coming from an errand" when "20 or more people attacked him" over his shoes about 1:15 p.m. and left him bleeding on the ground, said his mother, Angela Surrat.

A transit police officer responded immediately and was quickly backed up by more than a dozen other officers, said Lt. Mitch Dowdy of the Metro Transit Police. Two suspects boarded a train at Union Station after the incident and were detained at Metro Center, he said.

Police also "arrested a male minor in possession of a BB gun at Metro Center shortly after the Union Station incident. It is not yet known if he was involved in the initial altercation," Metro said in a statement.

-- Ann Scott Tyson

4-year-old dies after struck by car

A 4-year-old boy from the Trinidad section of Northeast Washington was struck by a car and fatally injured Thursday when he ran into the street to retrieve a ball, District police said.

Police said Deanthony Holman was hit about 6:50 p.m. on Montello Avenue after emerging from between two parked cars to get a ball that had rolled into the street.

The boy, who lived about a block from where he was hit, was severely injured and taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

They said the matter is under investigation.

Police urged caution in playing near the street. They asked the public to remind children never to run into the street and to always look both ways before entering to see if it is safe.

The police also called on motorists to be alert for children, particularly in the summer.

-- Martin Weil


Fairfax rapist gets 32 years in prison

A man who pleaded guilty to breaking into a home in the Tysons Corner area and raping a woman in 1987 has been sentenced to 32 years in prison by a Fairfax County judge.

The victim told police she was attacked by a man who wore a mask and gloves. Last year, Fairfax cold-case sex crimes detectives revisited the May 1987 incident, on Lisle Avenue in the Pimmit Hills neighborhood, and resubmitted DNA to a national database. The DNA matched a man then living in Pennsylvania, and in November, police arrested John Q. Kinsey, 49, on charges of rape and burglary with intent to rape.

Kinsey had a prior conviction for attempted rape, prosecutors said, which placed his DNA in the system.

Kinsey pleaded guilty to both charges before Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Stanley P. Klein in March. Klein imposed a 50-year sentence on the rape charge, but suspended 23 of those years for a 27-year term. He added a five-year consecutive term on the burglary charge.

-- Tom Jackman

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