Great thoughts, or not, on Metro stops at Wolf Trap, Reston

By Robert Thomson
Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

Why didn't the planners of the Dulles Metrorail project include a stop at Wolf Trap or at downtown Reston Town Center, at Reston Parkway?

Regarding Wolf Trap, similar wonderful venues like Ravinia on the North Shore in Illinois have public transportation (in Ravinia's case, the train). This would allow more people to take advantage of cultural opportunities here as well as alleviate traffic that builds up before and after shows at Wolf Trap.

If parking were provided, it would also provide another stop for people to park and catch the train to go into D.C.

Regarding Reston Town Center, a Metro stop there would allow people to actually walk to work in Reston. It would also offer commuters into the city another place to catch the Metro rather than just Wiehle Avenue or Tysons.

It just seems like this whole project is being run by Tysons developers with no thought to other areas or people from the suburbs who may want to get into D.C.

-- Joan Pifer,

Great Falls

Good instincts on wanting better transit service to entertainment and activity centers in Northern Virginia. If I could go back in time and plan the new Metrorail line, I'd probably go for a stop in downtown Reston but would balk at putting one at Wolf Trap. But even my half-measure reflects an impressive willingness to spend other people's money.

Let's look at some of transportation and financial issues I'd have to consider in planning the stops. My advisers would remind me of the history. The plan for the rail line grew out of the interest in linking downtown Washington with Dulles International Airport.

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