Correction to This Article
The KidsPost article on interesting things about the English language said that the words "scissors," "binoculars" and "tongs" exist only as plurals. "Scissor" exists as a verb, and it can be used as a noun to mean scissors. "Binocular" is an adjective. "Tong" is a verb, and also a noun referring to certain types of Chinese organizations.
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Fun facts about our English language


What is the opposite of exceed (which means to be superior to or better than)?

There isn't one, but the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary think that one is needed. They are considering the possibility of "deceed," which would mean "to be less than."

Is there a word for a baby hedgehog?

Until recently, they were simply called baby hedgehogs (awww). But lately, experts have started calling these spiny little critters "hoglets" or even the super-cute "hedgehoglet."

-- Margaret Webb Pressler

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