Students at all-boys Landon School planned sex parties, sources say

By Michael Birnbaum and Valerie Strauss
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last summer, several students at the all-boys Landon School in Bethesda hatched what sources later described as a twisted idea for a fantasy league: They would draft girls onto teams and then tally points based not on sports scores but on sexual conquests the boys would make at a series of parties.

The boys were caught before the first party took place, according to several sources. Asked about the incident, a school official said Wednesday that three rising freshmen received in-school suspensions at the beginning of the school year.

"It was a regrettable and hurtful activity," Neil Phillips, head of the Landon Upper School, said through a spokeswoman. "As educators, our role is to help boys learn from their mistakes and make better decisions going forward."

Several sources described the incident to The Washington Post but declined to be identified out of concern for the children involved or for the school's image. The New York Times published a column Wednesday about the incident. The episode was another setback for a school that was rocked this spring when one of its graduates, George Huguely V, was accused of killing former girlfriend Yeardley Love at the University of Virginia.

Landon, with about 685 students in grades three through 12, is one of the area's better-known private schools. Its annual tuition ranges as high as $28,800.

In a typical fantasy league, sports fans create teams and select professional athletes in a draft, assign points to their performance and track their progress over a season. In the Landon incident, sources said, an unknown number of boys arranged girls -- mostly rising ninth-graders at other private schools -- into various teams as the boys were planning a Labor Day weekend party.

Rosters of two teams and descriptions of their "players," posted on the Internet, were found by a mother of one of the girls. A copy of the document -- riddled with misspellings, sexual innuendo and offensive language -- was provided to The Post by a Landon alumnus who declined to be identified. Nine girls and three boys were named in the document. The Web site has since been removed.

The document lists one team called the "Southside Slampigs" and another with a name related to prostitution. It claims that one girl was "willing to get down and dirty" and that her mother "is quite the cougar herself." Another girl was said to be "fun to play with sexually."

Sources said the boys hoped to tally points based on how much intimate contact they had with the girls. The party was called off after the mother who found the rosters contacted Landon.

School officials said they contacted some of the girls' parents. But the parents of at least one targeted girl were not contacted.

"I was never informed by Landon that my daughter was prey," one of her parents said.

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