Newfoundland says Quebec is a hazard; 43 nations agree on Holocaust restitution rules

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Newfoundland says Quebec is a hazard

The premier of Newfoundland raised the sensitive question of Canadian national unity Wednesday, saying the French-speaking province of Quebec has so many privileges that it is damaging Canada.

Since the 1970s, Canada has faced a challenge from Quebec separatists seeking independence for the huge eastern province of 7.5 million people. A Quebec referendum on independence in 1995 only just failed, sending shock waves through the country.

Since then, federal governments have stressed the importance of Quebec and paid it special attention.

Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams, whose Atlantic province has a long-standing grievance with Quebec over energy transmission, said Quebec gets its way too often.

"This is not good for us, individually, provincially or nationally, and it creates a serious inequity in our great country," he said in a speech in Ottawa. "The tail is really wagging the dog, and it must stop."

-- Reuters


Exit polls showing dead heat in elections

Exit polls in Dutch elections Wednesday showed the pro-business VVD party and Labor on top in a dead heat, dealing a blow to the ruling Christian Democrats and giving an anti-Islam party its best showing ever.

Experts said the results, if they hold up, will create a chaotic race to form a coalition commanding a 76-seat majority.

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