Details: Where to find shared or swapped travel accommodations

Sunday, June 13, 2010; F06

Casa Casa

$20 for a one-year membership. If membership hits 300, the annual fee will increase to $40. To join, you must be at least 24 years old.

Hosts must provide each guest a full or continental breakfast. You must host at least once during your membership.

You may be a guest as many times as you wish during the membership. Guests are supposed to pay hosts a gratuity of $15 a day for one adult, $20 for two adults, $10 for each additional adult, $5 for each child.

Maximum suggested stay: three days.

$9.95 a month for a 12-month membership ($119.40 for one year). $15.95 a month for a three-month membership ($47.85 for three months)

No additional per-day or per-exchange fees.

Free to search, save and contact listings.

Annual fee to post a listing is $44.95.

No additional per-day or per-exchange fees.

An aggregation of home-exchange listings from several sites.

A basic membership, which allows you to list your home but you cannot contact other members, is free.

A premium membership, which lets you contact other members to ask for exchanges, is $19.99 for three months, $74.99 for a year.

No additional per-day or per-exchange fees.

Home-exchange insurance available starting at $15.

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