Date Lab: She likes 'em outgoing; he's more reserved. Problem?

Sunday, June 20, 2010; W06

7:30 p.m., District Grill, Downtown

Tara: I was definitely a little nervous, because I've never gone on a blind date before and I've never really even done any dating Web sites, so it was very new to me. I got off work at 6 and went home and showered really quick, and then I rushed down there.

Pat: I wasn't too nervous. I had gone for a run before the date, so I was more focused on that. I arrived right at 7:30, went in, made sure they sat me down. Tara was already there but in the bathroom, so I waited a few minutes, and then [she] came in.

Tara: There weren't many people there, so I saw him right away sitting at the table. From across the room I was like, Oh, he's cute. I hope that's him. I walked over, and he stood up. He's tall. That's good, because I'm 5-9, and I had 3-inch heels on. [And] you could see that he had a good body. I went in for a hug, but he did the handshake. That was fine. I'm just very friendly and outgoing.

Pat: She was tall, blond hair; she looked pretty fit. That's definitely my type. She was very attractive. We sat down and started talking. There was a little awkwardness just from it being a blind date, but overall, it was comfortable.

Tara: I'm talkative, so I started throwing out questions right off the bat. "How are you? How was your day? Where were you coming from?" We ordered some drinks and an appetizer. At first, I could tell he was nervous. He was twitching his foot. But I guess because I was talking so much and asking questions, I would say by the time our meal got there, he was more comfortable.

Pat: I'm usually more reserved for meeting new people, and then after a little while, I come out of my shell. We've both been playing sports our whole lives, so that was a big topic. I'm into triathlons and rugby. I'm doing a half-ironman in July. She played basketball in college, and I played in high school, so we talked about that. She said she watches ESPN all the time, which I found pretty exciting.

Tara: There isn't much we didn't have in common -- we're both really active and love to work out; we love sports and being outdoors. I love the water; he loves the ocean.

Pat: We talked about family and about how we both love the beach. We talked about work a little. She's a nanny by day and goes to grad school for education by night. I think it sounds great.

Tara: I was saying how some people [condescendingly] are like, "Oh, you're a nanny." And he was so sweet. He was like, "If you love it, don't think about what other people say. Just enjoy it." At first there wasn't too much chemistry or flirting. I like confident guys, and at first, he seemed shy and reserved. But as his personality kicked in, I was more attracted to him.

Pat: I was definitely attracted to her. She was easy to talk to, outgoing. She just seems like a lot of fun. I'd say there was [flirting] but we weren't, like, making out or anything.

Tara: As we [continued] talking I could definitely sense some chemistry. We had great eye contact the whole dinner. And we laughed a lot. After the meal, we both had to go to the bathroom, so we walked down this hallway, and he waited for me. We were kind of flirting walking back through the restaurant.

Pat: We were both stuffed from dinner, so we didn't get dessert. [But] we got another drink and sat and talked awhile. Then we headed out of the restaurant. I think that was 10 o'clock. She was going to see the "Sex and the City" premiere at 12 [midnight], so I didn't suggest doing anything [else].

Tara: We walked to my car, and we gave each other, like, five hugs. He was like, "Do you want to do this again?" and I was like, "Yeah, I'd love to."

Pat: We talked for a while there and then exchanged numbers, and then I headed for the Metro. I'd probably [rate the date] a 4.5 [out of 5].

Tara: I would rate the date a 3.5, leaning toward a 4. I'm definitely interested, and I'm pretty sure we'll hang out again, but I think I'd have to get to see him more hanging out with his friends, in his element.

Interviews by Christina Breda Antoniades

Update: Pat texted Tara immediately after the date saying he'd had fun. Both were headed out of town, but he planned to call her the following week.

Updated Update: Pat and Tara made plans to go to a Nationals game ... but had to cancel after Tara broke her nose (which we think is a pretty valid reason to bail on a date.) We've got our fingers crossed for a speedy recovery ... and hopefully a second date.


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