2010 Summer Book Club

Summer Book Club for young readers includes books by blockbuster authors

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The weather is warm, school is over (or almost over!) and the pools are open. It's summertime, and what could be better than passing a long lazy day with a summer blockbuster?

No, we don't mean "Toy Story 3," we mean blockbuster books.

We at KidsPost are firm believers that sometimes there's nothing better than curling up with a great book. When vivid scenery, amazing adventures and lifelike characters all work together to take you on a great escape, the experience can be every bit as compelling as any movie or TV show and can create lifelong memories.

So for our 10th annual Summer Book Club, we wanted to focus on books from well-known authors who somehow manage to turn out one great book after another. At KidsPost, we call them rock-star authors, and, in fact, their books often are blockbusters (which, technically, simply means books that a whole lot of people buy). When we talk about a blockbuster, we're talking about a book that makes reading fun. A book that teaches you something. Often, a blockbuster offers the wonderful shared experience of reading the same book that your friends are reading.

Luckily, a bunch of new titles have come out recently from the kinds of authors you'd line up to meet at a bookstore. The books we're including aren't necessarily blockbusters yet -- because many of them are so new -- but they come from writers who know a thing or two about writing a knockout novel, such as Rick Riordan, whose new book, "The Red Pyramid," kicks off our club.

We're also thrilled because some big-hitter adult authors are turning out new titles for kids, including author John Grisham, who has written "Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer." Grisham is the author of numerous best-selling legal thrillers for adults, and we can't wait to read his first book for kids!

If you've never read a book that is so good you just don't want it to end, now's your chance. Take a look at the titles we'll be reading and reviewing, and take your pick.

Or better yet, read them all, and make it a blockbuster summer.

-- Margaret Webb Pressler

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